Lazio-Juve: Relive the biggest moments of the match

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08 December at 10:30

Lazio-Juventus on Saturday was the big match in Serie A. Inzaghi was home to Sarri. Relive the epic moments of the match that turned in a surprise result, and blew the trajectory of the league wide open: 

LAZIO - JUVENTUS - Saturday 07/12 h. 20.45

94 '- Caicedo warned for taking off his shirt after scoring the 3-1 goal. 

86 - Warning Leiva for a dangerous play in the game against Pjanic. High leg of the Brazilian who risks hitting the Bosnian on his side. 

81 '- Immobile falls to the edge of the area after a contact with Bonucci, but the Juventus defender is stopped.

78' - DOUBLE SAVE. Szczesny saves twice from Immobile, once on the penalty, once on the rebound.

77 - Penalty kick for Lazio. Szczesny spreads Correa in the area, the contact is obvious and Fabbri has no doubt to assign the penalty for the biancocelesti. Also the warning for the Polish goalkeeper is right. Var's silent check to confirm Fabbri's decision. 

70 '- RED CARD! ROSSO! Expelled Cuadrado with Var. Launch of Luis Alberto vertically for Lazzari which is spread by the Colombian. Initially Fabbri warns Cuadrado, then he is recalled by the Var. After reviewing the episode, the referee changes his decision: he is red headed for clear-cut chance. 

63 '- Lazzari is warned for clearly detaining Alex Sandro: Fabbri's correct decision. 

56 '- There is no clear penalty for Juventus on the edge of the Lazio penalty area. Luiz Felipe enters with a straight leg and a hammer foot on Matuidi, the referee inexplicably lets go. The foul is missing, but the Lazio defender is also missing: at least yellow, but the intervention could also be sanctioned with direct red. Fabbri's serious mistake.

45 '- Emre Can intervenes in a slip on Lucas Leiva in the penalty area of ​​Juve, the biancocelesti protest. For the referee Fabbri is a corner kick, the Var confirms the decision.

39 '- Shy protests by Luiz Felipe for an alleged foul by Bernardeschi to his detriment in the Lazio area, but Fabbri lets it continue. 

37 '- Dybala warned for a postponement in a net delay against Lazzari. Fabbri referee's correct decision. 

31 '- Bentancur tripping against Correa, is a foul for Lazio. The intervention is outside the area - albeit very little -. Right the call of Fabbri, who assigns the punishment in favor of Lazio and not the penalty kick. 

28 '- Immobile protest, albeit timidly. Cuadrado lightly touches the Lazio striker who falls to the ground in the area. Immobile immediately stands up and looks at the referee, who was close to the action and judged the contact was not a penalty. The Var does not intervene, confirming the referee's decision. 

11 '- Pjanic is warned for holding Lazzari who was launched on the counterattack towards Juventus' half of the pitch. Heavy yellow for the Juve midfielder who was distrusted and will therefore miss the next match against Udinese.

6 '- Luis Alberto booked for protests. The Spaniard did not take well a Fabbri whistle for a contact between Lulic and Cuadrado judged to be a foul one. Luis Alberto protested and the race director immediately warned him. 

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