Lazio - Roma will be played in a ghost town

01 April at 10:50
The Stadio Olimpico is generally empty. It's a bit of a concern, however, when it isn't just empty on Mondays or Thursdays, but when it isn't even close to average attendance on Derby Day. 

This looks to be the scenario for this weekend, with numerous media sources claiming that Lazio fans have only bought around 4600 tickets for the game, and Roma fans 6000. 

It looks like one Italy's most iconic derbies, known for its fans' passion and involvement in the proceedings, is going down the drain.

With the two firms (or Curve) in open revolt against both their owners and the City of Rome - responsible for building a barrier right in the middle of both ends - the two teams will be deprived of the energetic support of two of Italy's loudest fans.

The Curva Nord has been angry at Claudio Lotito for years, but has recently reacted in disgust to the team's sudden decline this season, and are generally disillusioned with the way the club's owner is handling things. 

The Roma what it perceives to be the allegedly excessive security measures being instituted for sensitive games, with the removal of shoes on rainy days a favourite refrain.

The result? They'll boycott the game, the Laziali meeting in Tor di Quinto, the Romanisti in Testaccio. A Derby that used to divide the city and ramp up the voltage now unites the ultras in rebellion... and many others in indifference.

Luca Capriotti and Francesca Schito



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