Thuram on Bonucci: 'It's like when women are raped and people notice the way she is dressed'

04 April at 12:15
Lilian Thuram, former Juventus defender, has had his say on the recent controversy surrounding the racist chants aimed at Juventus players and the comments of team leader Bonucci.
"Bonucci said something that many in the world think: blacks deserve these things that happen. Saying 50 - 50, it evokes a shared responsibility between supporters and Kean, think: Kean's teammate says he deserves these monkey cries and the fans can continue! The right question to ask Bonucci: what did Kean do to deserve such cries of a monkey? To deserve so much contempt? He never tells the fans that they are wrong to act in this way. Bonucci is as violent as the cries of a monkey, it is like when a young woman is raped and some people notice the way she was dressed. It is because of these people that one does not go ahead ".
BONUCCI - "Bonucci is not stupid. What can be said of Bonucci is that he is making comments of incredible violence against his teammate. Because Kean scored a goal and celebrated in front of him to the opponent's stand, is it normal for him to be insulted for the colour of his skin? Bonucci's comments are shameful. We must agree on racism, these cries of ape are the contempt with which all black people are treated. Including all children who are the colour of Kean ".
ON KEAN - "What do I say to Kean? You did very well to be proud and strong in adversity. I urge all black people to do the same and I ask for respect when people like Bonucci want them to get in trouble".
THE MATCH - "Did the referee interrupt the game? Has anything been done? We are in complete hypocrisy and this has been going on for years. Everyone says they will stop the game next time, but it won't happen. The obligation is that the authorities, if it really disturbed them, the game would have been interrupted, believe me. The team would have left the field and we would have found a solution. "


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