Lippi: ‘Conte and Zidane my pupils, Messi a problem for Dybala'

17 January at 10:30
Former Juventus and Italy boss Marcello Lippi has released an interview with La Stampa and has translated the most interesting quotes for you:

SERIE A – “This season is different, Napoli can beat Juventus and I think Inter are still in race to win the title. They have stopped after a good start to the season but a few successive wins can get then into the title race. It will be harder for Roma in my opinion but in any case the main rivalry is between Napoli and Juventus.”

​JUVE – “Juventus are a very solid squad, just like my Juventus side in the 1994/95. The club had won nothing in the previous nine years but we managed to win with quality and physical strength. I didn’t expect AC Milan to be struggling so much. Gattuso is slowly recharging players, I think he is a good manager. He is one of my pupils, I have almost 40: Zidane, Deschamps, Conte...they are all  coaching at very high levels. I don’t know if I’ve had any impact on them but it’s nice to think I’ve left the mark.”

DYBALA – “There is nothing wrong with Dybala. He joined Juventus from Palermo for a decent fee (€ 40 million), he has been playing very well and he has been compared to players like Messi straight away. Of course a guy can lose touch with reality but I think everybody at the club is helping him, Juve is the perfect environment to recover. As for the Champions League Juventus are now among the top European clubs, once you are among the top clubs you can every year.”
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