Juve, Sarri: 'I want to help Ronaldo break more records. I don't know what Sarrismo is'

20 June at 12:10
At 11 am CEST Maurizio Sarri's first press conference at Juventus will begin. Follow the words of the former Chelsea and Napoli manager live with Calciomercato.com and Lorenzo Bettoni, our correspondent in Turin.

"I'm happy to be here. My choice revolutionary? I don't think so. In Napoli, I gave everything because I was born in Naples and as a child, I supported the club. In the last months in Napoli, I had a doubt about my affection and the logic told me that something was over. Napoli took my doubt by taking Ancelotti," Sarri said.

"I went abroad not to move form Napoli to another Italian club. It was a wonderful experience at Chelsea, now I wanted to return to Italy. Juventus is the crown of a career. I think I have respected every and now my path needs to be respected.

"When Juve called me, the feeling was strong. I saw a very determined club that wanted to sign me. This is the reason that convinced me quickly.

"The game? I'm happy with the excitement in Serie A, it will be a stimulating year. Conte, Giampaolo, Fonseca, De Zerbi and Ancelotti, the level of coaches is on a rise.

"The Champions League? I am here to win matches. Juventus in Italy has a burden to win, while in Europe there are other 8-9 competitive teams. The Champions League is a dream with a monstrous difficulty coefficient.

"The 4-3-3? You can't start from the formation to decide about the players, the first step is to study the characteristics of the players, talk to them and understand how they can make a difference. My 4-3-3 in Chelsea was a different formation compared to that at Napoli.

"I'm not going from amateurs to Juventus, I trained in Serie C, B and A, in the Premier League and now Juventus. A long path, now it is another step forward. I am emotional but it is not that of a coach signed from amateurs.

"Ronaldo? In recent years I have coached many strong players, at Chelsea and Napoli. Now I will train the top of the world, a guy with all the records. I'd like to take him to break even more records.

"I lived for three years in which I woke up in the morning and my first thought was to beat Juventus. I gave my 110% and we didn't succeed. My professionalism, now, will lead me to give everything for Juventus.

"If I am a traitor? I have messages from my former players that would put everything into question. What someone says publicly is often influenced by where he is and where he plays.

"Ronaldo? I trained the player who broke a record of goals in Serie A [Higuain] and I would like to coach another one. Fans' scepticism? It was like that everywhere with me: Empoli, Napoli, Chelsea. Everywhere I arrived there was scepticism. The only way to convince is to win.

"Dybala? When a player has the quality of Dybala and Ronaldo, he can play in any role.

"I won little, I think that the goal of having fun on the field is not antithetical to winning. If you play and have fun, it is the fuel that makes you go and make results.

"History tells us that coaches have won with opposing philosophies, opposing teams. It is important to be consistent with our own ideas, I think we can combine beautiful football with victories, even though I know it is difficult.

"A tracksuit? I don't know. I'll talk to the management. We didn't talk about this. I would prefer not to go on the field in a suit, rather in an overall. The important thing is that at this age to not send me naked [laughs].

"The characteristics of the players change. In Napoli they were all available to the team, they moved the ball at a higher speed. Chelsea had a higher technical level but with different characteristics. Napoli can play with one or two touches, Chelsea players are celebrated for their individuality. The philosophy remains the same but the practical application must be modulated to the important players who can make you win games.

"Racist chants? It is time to stop, it is time to say enough, to stop the games. You cannot stay 30 years behind Europe.

"What I expect from Napoli-Juve? When I leave the San Paolo I know that if the fans applaud me, it will be a manifestation of love and if they whistle me it will be a manifestation of love anyway.

"If I'm going to visit Ronaldo at the end of the week? I'll talk to Paratici this afternoon and see how we can get organized. I asked to talk to 2-3 players to understand and share some things. I want to understand what individual players think of themselves.

"We will start with the most talented players. It is the attacking players that make the difference: Ronaldo, Dybala or Douglas Costa, a top player who has not been exploited up until now.

"Higuain? You know I love him very much but I will also listen to the Juventus directors about the players.  I will listen a lot to the management, they know the players better than me. It would be a lack of respect to impose my opinion.

"The transfer market? We'll see. I am not the one who likes to go and make concrete names but I will tell the directors the features of players I would like.

"Allegri? He leaves a heavy legacy. Winning what he won is very difficult. He has made extraordinary results and I would like to see the ability to resolve the difficulties with the lucidity that he transmitted in the team.

"Sarrismo? I don't know what it is. I read in an encyclopedia that it is a football philosophy. I was always like this. I change the way I see football as a way of seeing life.

"De Laurentiis? I didn't hear from him. Everyone thinks we have a bad relationship but it's not like that, I'll always thank him for letting me train Napoli. Allegri? I didn't hear from him either. Usually, in the summer we have dinner but we don't talk about serious things.

"I didn't speak with Higuain yet. He is a Juventus striker. When he returns we will talk to one another Gonzalo is a striker who, for technical qualities, can play anywhere. My feeling is that Gonzalo reacted badly after leaving Juve.

"Bernardeschi? I like him a lot. He has the typical qualities of a great player and he is well coordinated. He lacks a bit of continuity, this is the moment of his career in which he must find specialization in one role only.

"My middle finger to the Juventus fans? It was a mistake, an exaggerated reaction on my part, an excess of reaction towards 10-15 fools. I don't have a problem with Juventus fans.

"It is not about affecting a single player. My way of thinking about football is different. I have to realize how much my way of doing football can be carried on with productivity. I would like to see Pjanic make 150 touches per game but we need to trigger the players so that they can do so," Sarri concluded.



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