Martinez's agent, 'If Messi wants to play with Martinez he should play for Inter'

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12 July at 23:14
Lautaro Martinez can’t wait to get started under new coach Antonio Conte, according to his agent Beto Yaque.
In an interview with Yaque said, "He can't wait to start with Conte. Messi's words? Being praised by the best in the world is beautiful and very satisfying.
“Lautaro was extremely happy. These words gave him contentment and the desire to work even harder to improve, learn new details and aim to achieve the goals he set himself one day ".
The Inter man had been linked with Barcelona in recent weeks after his impressive performances at the Copa America.
"Lautaro only thinks about Inter. He is happy in Inter and dreams big. Conte called him to tell him how to work, that he relies on him and that he is very happy to have him on the team.
“It is true that there is interest on the part of the Blaugrana for Martínez. None of the Spanish club has contacted us officially.
“They are rumors that somehow we know to be truthful. But I repeat: Lautaro remains in Milan. Let's close it with a joke: if Messi wants to play with Martínez, then he goes to Inter.
“Let's hope. It would be great for the Nerazzurri if that happened (laughs).
“Conte has not told him he will be the starter, only that he counts on him, adding that he likes a player and wants to train him.
“He is looking forward to being available to the technician. He is excited about this new stage. Now, however, let them enjoy the beach and the holidays, so he will come back with the batteries charged for the new season ”.
Yaque then went on to talk about the prospect of two new signings upfront for the Nerazzurri.
"What changes if Lukaku and Dzeko arrive? I believe that there must always be healthy competition.
“Nowhere in the world does anyone have the place bought or insured. I know perfectly well that Inter can negotiate huge level strikers, but I believe blindly in Lautaro's qualities and in what he can give,” said Yaque.


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