Messi wants Barça to recruit Paul Pogba

Messi wants Barça to recruit Paul Pogba

Barcelona have a plan in case for Tottenham man Paulinho leaves.

While they have been linked to Antoine Griezmann, it looks like the Catalans could try to recruit Paul Pogba.

The Frenchman is out of favour at Old Trafford, scoring only ten Premier League goals since joining the Red Devils two seasons ago for over €100 million.

It appears that Lionel Messi has taken a particular fancy to the Frenchman, who was a driving force at Juventus.

Pogba only recently called Messi an "idol", and said that playing with Messi would be "a dream come true" back in 2015 when he was still with the Old Lady. 

The idea would be to kick Philippe Coutinho out on the wing, meaning that Barça would need someone in the middle.

Pogba is bouncing back in the current World Cup. Coach Ernesto Valverde has made it clear that if Paulinho goes (he was acquired last summer for €40m), the Culés will need a replacement.

Pogba would be a massive upgrade over Paulinho, who still began the season very positively, scoring a series of key goals. The 29-year-old ended up with nine Liga strikes.