Mihajlovic: 'I had to fight for everything in life, I will fight this too'

13 July at 16:55
Bologna manager has delivered what was an emotional message while confirming that he will have to take time off from managing the club to address an ongoing battle with leukemia. 

In the press conference in which the Serbian made the shocking revelation, Mihajlovic said: "I hope that after I've won this battle, I will be able to talk it over with all of you and look back on this period. Unfortunately, nothing was given to me in life. I had to fight for everything. I'll fight this too."

He also said: "It changes your life in a moment. Everything changes in a moment. When you sleep and have a nightmare, you wake up, but for days you wake up and realise this isn't a nightmare, this is real.

"It's easier to fight it if you keep an eye on the situation, get tested and are prepared."


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