Milan: Donnarumma leaving, Ibra's last resort?

17 November at 12:40
Two topics are on the lips of Milan fans today. ​The return of Ibra and the renewal of Donnarumma. 

The later has seen his time at Milan take turbulent spins surrounding his wage, efforts and levels of commitment. 

On the first topic, we have extensively looked at the possibility of the Swede returning, but underlining the fact that probably a year ago would have been decisive for hooking the fourth place, while this year could serve, at most, to reach a Uefa placement. Is it really the challenge Zlatan is looking for?

It is said that Zlatan, would only come back to the red & black side of Milan if there was not a more attractive offer elsewhere. 

In terms of the departing Donnarumma, if Ibra really arrives, one cannot help but understand that the two deals would be closely linked. When there was the last renewal of Donnarumma, relations between Mino Raiola and the Rossoneri leadership were very bad. Raiola has understood that it would have been difficult to hypothesize any scenario of collaboration and extra commission in the event of a planned sale. 

He was "satisfied" with tearing lavish contract from Fassone and Mirabelli for Gigio and his brother, a contract totally out of budget for the coffers and the Rossoneri ambitions. Raiola knew that the duo would not last long and knew that thanks to the very young age of his client he could repeat his scheme of work at a distance of very few. And this is happening. 

Now the relationship between Raiola and the Rossoneri officials is much better and there is no foreclosure to work with him. Therefore Raiola can set a contract renewal in Donnarumma more in line with the Rossoneri funds, but which already foreshadows a discounted sale at a very short time. All seasoned with a performance, that of Gigio, which despite the adventures of the team remains at the highest level. 

Donnarumma is really destined to become one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world and as such will have to play in one of the strongest and richest teams in the world. Milan is no longer a part of this elite tier.

Therefore, unfortunately, it must be accepted, Gigio will leave. Maybe in June. We can't resist. We just have to hope that his departure will take place in the most profitable way for Milan
Anthony Privetera


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