Milan, Gattuso speaks: Bacca, Andre Silva, Europa League and Zaza – the details

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09 July at 18:30
AC Milan’s season began officially today; and head coach Rino Gattuso held a press conference today, speaking about the future, however turbulent, of the club. has collected the key quotes of the conference…
ON THE SEASON’S OBJECTIVE: "We'll see, the basics are important, I cannot deny what has been said in recent months. To strengthen the team? The board know what types of players I like, considering that the other teams have strengthened too. I hope someone arrives otherwise I'm fine.”
ON THE SELF-FINANCIAL MARKET: "I have always said that it takes an external attacker, a mid-wing with the characteristics of Kessie. We have Bacca, Kaliniic, Andrè Silva and Cutrone: if these attackers do not move, nobody will come".
ON THE GOALKEEPER: "I will pick he who plays better, it will be difficult to choose ... "
ON ANDRE SILVA: "The field will speak for me right now I'm talking about Bacca: ‘I hope you get tired, sweat and want to leave, if you have to stay here, you have to do as I say and not as he says.’ What Cutrone can give me? André knows that he has to wake up, it's been a year and what he did is not enough, you do not know who will start, in my head I know what they can give me.”
ABOUT BUFFON:  "I would have never thought of seeing him again as a protagonist at 40 and he has joined a glorious club like Psg, one of the biggest, I was surprised. In 2010 he had his back to pieces, everyone said it was over and instead we are here talking about him today.”
ON HALILOVIC: "How many midfielders do you see that are playing as a mezzala? I see him there. He played in that role, he has different characteristics: less incursions of race, but more technical. "
ON ZAZA:  'We have Patrick who has the same characteristics. If no attacker leaves, no attackers arrive. "
ON THE KALINIC WORLD CASE: "He only made one wrong step, he always suffered at the pubic level, he was bothered, and when he left here he was not honest with his trainer. I talked with him. It is not easy to train him, but he is very sensitive, he does not bear a grudge. When those around him always talk to him, they know how to behave. The biggest mistake he made is not to be honest with his trainer.”
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