Milan, Ibra is back: it's not just a marketing operation

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12 January at 10:00
The King is back and it's excellent news for Milan and Italian football. That is that we can embrace another great champion.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the great protagonist in the deserved victory in the home of Cagliari . The exclamation mark on a performance of great technical level and as a true leader for the happiness of the management present in full in the stands of the Sardinia Arena.

A player like that changes your team, a player like that gives confidence to coach and teammates, such a player scores the goals that had been missed by AC Milan in the first leg. 

No, the Ibrahimovic operation is not just marketing.  Because Zlatan will serve to keep the Rossoneri fighting for a goal like the Europa league. Difficult but still within reach, considering the difficulties of today's opponent. 

Leao, Boban's protégé, can also smile, who from the Swedish champion will have the right ration of advice and fundamental reproaches to raise his technical and mental level. 

Zlatan maintained the intelligence and awareness of the highest quality, but to be expressed differently than in the past. In the second half he became familiar with his teammates and dominated. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an ageless champion and already makes the fans dream, just like 7 years ago.

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Anthony Privetera


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