AC Milan, Ibrahimovic signing still comes with risks

28 December at 23:20

A few weeks ago we expressed a decidedly favourable opinion in the face of rumors about a possible engagement of Ibrahimovic by Milan (via calciomercato). 

It seemed to us that, at that moment, he could shake up a depressed environment, especially if he had arrived immediately and full of stimuli. Today, however, the situation is different and - although still intrigued by this story that begins again - we have many more doubts than before. 

First of all, the times don't convince us . It took Ibrahimovic several weeks to say yes to Milan, as if waiting for a better offer, probably more profitable: beyond the chatter and the posts on Instagram, are we sure he has the right motivations besides those of money and the city, loved by his wife? 

The fact that the decisive movement of the Milan club towards Ibra started after the collapse of Bergamo, when a lightning rod was needed to protect itself from the understandable indignation of the fans, is also perplexing : who better than Ibra to throw smoke into people's eyes?

We then ask ourselves what Ibrahimovic is for today : what is the goal that Milan can still achieve thanks to him? Not the Champions League, 14 points away, and probably not even the Europa League (sixth place, which is not guaranteed) and moreover the AC Milan club showed that it does not hold this competition in high regard.

The only competition that Milan can still face with a chance of success is the Italian Cup : is it possible that Ibra was purchased just for this? Or to keep away from relegation, which today is 7 points?

The final doubts lie with the existing attackers. Piatek and Leao. They have disappointed, it is true, but they have cost a total of seventy million. Well, with Ibra they risk burning themselves permanently. If the Swede had been able to help Milan to pursue a great goal, perhaps the Champions League, it would have been a danger to run, but are we sure it's worth it now?

All this, of course, is taking for granted the fact that Ibra will still be influential in Italy, which, also is no guarantee. 

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Anthony Privetera
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