Milan mayor insists 2026 Winter Olympics opening ceremony to be held at San Siro

24 June at 19:15

After reports emerged that Inter and Milan will look to demolish their shared San Siro stadium, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, gave his opinion on the matter.
"The Municipality owns San Siro if Milan and Inter decide to make a stadium I can only say two things.
"It will take time. And then, in the end, we are masters of the stadium. In the Milan-Cortina dossier, we guaranteed that San Siro will still be functioning in 2026. This is the end of the story. After 2026, if we have a new stadium, we will decide the future of San Siro.
“But now we are in the absolute condition of confirming that this will be the site of the [Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics] opening ceremony ".
"It is obvious that the stadium itself if there is nothing else, it is not supported financially. It can be built if you can do something else around it: residences, commercial part. If the two teams present themselves with a global project, it is impossible to do it in a few years. I would like to do things tomorrow but it is not so, I have to dampen the enthusiasm.
“Then in the dossier, we wrote that the opening ceremony will be held in San Siro, and San Siro it is ours, therefore, I would keep it open until 2026. I listen to the two teams, but the stadium belongs to the Municipality and the Municipality maintains the commitment to keep San Siro open until 2026 ".


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