Milan, Theo Hernandez cleared of sexual assault charges: the full story

16 January at 19:00
AC Milan left back Theo Hernandez has received good news today as charges against him for apparently sexually assaulting a Russian model, Luisa Kremleva, have been dropped, according to a report from Italian media outlet today.
The player met Kremleva in June of 2017, just after he’d signed for Real Madrid, the report details. He was accused by the model of sexually assaulting her in the parking lot of a nightclub in Marbella, however a year ago the court rejected the accusation, claiming that there were too many contradictions in the model’s account of the events.
The gynaecological examination revealed the existence of sexual intercourse, the report continues, which the player never denied. There was no trace of drugs in her system, however, despite the fact that Kremleva accused Hernandez of administering them to her. The charges were definitively dropped today, with the Prosecutor's Office accusing the model of inventing the crime and suggesting that she be charged.

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Apollo Heyes


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