Mirabelli to CM: "I spoke to Rakitic in his home about a Milan move"

02 April at 13:15
Massimiliano Mirabelli, who worked as the sporting director for AC Milan between 2017 and 2018, spoke exclusively to Calciomercato.com in an interview with our reporter Pasquale Guarro. Among other things, he revealed an interest market anecdote on the Rossoneri.
Since he parted ways with the Rossoneri, Mirabelli has revealed many interesting stories, mainly about the transfer market and signings that were on the cards but never happened. However, as he mentioned himself, he has never talked about this meeting.
“I will reveal something I haven't told anyone. When I worked for Milan, I went to Barcelona. At the time, Rakitic was talking about renewal with his club and I wanted to understand if he wanted to evaluate other tracks too. We drove to his house and took an elevator from the garage which took us to the apartment.
"He was enthusiastic, he told me that if he wouldn't continue with Barcelona he would seriously consider our project. That dialogue marked me, I was faced with a champion who had nothing but football in his head. He directed every single daily choice to his career, from food to rest, from free time to training. A man and a crazy footballer," he stated.


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