Moggi urges Fiorentina to sign Ibrahimovic

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13 August at 10:30
Former Juventus executive Luciano Moggi has spoken to the microphones of FirenzeViola about Fiorentina; in which he offered some recommendations to the club, including proposing the side make an ambitious move for former Inter Milan and AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

"​Montella? I wish him well, but he is in a period of not getting great results recently, neither at Milan nor at Sevilla, but those were delicate moments for him, it is to be expected: in my opinion he represents the greatest unknown.

"​This would be something not useful, but more. Zlatan has a biological body that allows him to perform at his best even at his age, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. He is sowing victories everywhere, even in America. Certainly it will not be as easy in the Serie A, but the goals have to be made wherever we go to play and, if he came to Fiorentina, even for the youth players it would be fantastic because they could perhaps learn something more from him that not even the coach is able to give. But it is obvious that he is no longer the player he used to be."


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