Montella comments on former Tottenham player and explains what went wrong with De Rossi

19 July at 21:00
Vincenzo Montella, Fiorentina's coach, spoke on Radio Bruno's about his side's transfer this summer, while in America playing the ICC.
 "Many names that are matched to Fiorentina are fictitious.
“I have faith in Pradè and it is necessary to focus on the players he spoke about at the conference.
“Llorente? He is a strong player, I don't have to say if he is functional to the project or not.
“De Rossi? In the end, he didn't feel like playing for another Italian team.
“Commisso? I'm happy, brought enthusiasm. His men are working to build a good team. We are happy to be here, especially in New York because it cares so much, we hope to make three great games.
“Chiesa and Milenkovic? They are less in condition than Terzic and Zurkowski. I don't know whether to make them play for a piece of the game tomorrow. How do I see Federico? It is the same as always.”


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