Montero: 'Ronaldo better than Messi. Allegri among the best in the world'

17 March at 10:50
Former Juventus defender Paolo Montero spoke to Tuttosport about the Bianconeri and the current issues and positive aspects at the club.

"When Ronaldo jumps in the air, he seems like Pele. It is impressive and his only rival is himself. The great champions are all like this: from Zidane to Del Piero and Davids. Ronaldo and Messi took over over the past 10 years. Sometimes the best was Leo, other times Cristiano, who is now the number one," he said.

"He didn't surprise me. Zidane had talked to me so many times about him. He has the same mentality as Juve: working, working, working. The gesture to the Atletico fans? I am the last to be able to speak, I have done worse in the past. He should not be disqualified, Simeone only got a fine for the same gesture.

"Allegri? The important thing is the opinion of players and directors on him, those who do not consider him among the best 5-6 managers in the world are out of their mind. With him, I put Guardiola, Zidane, Conte, Luis Enrique and Klopp. Managing the champions is not easy. Allegri is a bit brilliant and talented, like a footballer.

"The Champions League? It was a fantastic performance against Atletico. But Ajax must be respected, they played a dynamic and quality game against Real Madrid. A possible final? I would go to the stadium. In Cardiff I didn't succeed, maybe my luck would have been convenient.

"De Ligt? I only saw him against Real but he seemed like a very strong defender, to be taken immediately. There are few defenders who, besides defending, also know how to create.

"Agnelli? He is out of his mind to call me his idol (laughs). I am proud that after 12-13 years the president considers me this way. I remember when he was a boy and went into the locker room to talk to me.

"It's incredible if you think of all the star players he met at Juve. What pleases me most is that under his management, Juventus has become one of the best," Montero concluded.


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