Ag. Motta: "Thiago has all the features to succeed at Genoa"

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06 November at 18:40
Genoa manager Thiago Motta’s agent, Alessandro Canovi, has publicly defended his client after the vast amount of criticism Motta has received in the last few days following their defeat to Udinese.

Genoa lost their last game 3-1 at home at the Marassi to Udinese and the one before that away to Juventus with 2-1 after Cristiano Ronaldo scored the game-winning goal with the last kick of the game.

Canovi says that the criticism is justified, and it is accepted: "The criticism is correct and it is accepted. But until the 20th of the second half (65th minute), I think the challenge was quite under control. Thiago is taking a path to build mentality and play. "

However, Canovi does not think that the criticism about Motta having too little experience as a manager on the bench is justified: "Thiago coached last year, and those players are today the leading class of France that is playing the Under-17 World Championship. He has experience both as a coach and as a player. When one speaks of inexperience, he must also see the numbers. Having said this, Thiago has full knowledge of what Genoa must be, this is a team that has to give their soul and Thiago knows it perfectly".

Canovi concluded by explaining what his client’s goals with Genoa are: "It is clear that he’s not a professional who has come to become a 'holy man', but he has come to train and do the best possible. If defeats arrive it is clear that something has not gone well. In the second half against Udinese, Genoa made a mistake and Thiago took the responsibility for it. He did not come to theorize something perplexing, he just wants what’s best for Genoa. He has all the features to do it, and he will do everything to return Genoa to the Genoa he remembers as a player ".

Thiago Motta took over Genoa on October 21st to replace then recently dismissed former manager Aurelio Andreazzoli. The club then resided second to last in the standings and Motta has since managed the Ligurians to one win and two losses.
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