Nainggolan: 'I would fit in the team at Inter; Lukaku wanted to play with me...'

04 October at 11:15
Radja Nainggolan, on loan at Cagliari from Inter Milan, spoke to La Repubblica in a lengthy interview, discussing several topics but most notably his second spell in Cagliari, his former club Roma and how Inter are progressing themselves.

'​Here I became a man, and a soccer player. It's like coming home. Cagliari is small, I walk in the center, I eat something outside, I go where the day takes me. ​It's a club that wants to get bigger internationally, few people worked there before, now Cagliari gives jobs to a lot of people: they want to improve, there's a stadium, a strong youth sector. Daniele Conti's son? Bruno is one of the family, his family lives above me, in the center, we see each other very often. Brunetto can do well, he lacks his father's grit, but he can work.

'Roma? ​In my opinion it is a bit more difficult for them today because they have few personality players. It takes balls to play in Rome: everything is nice there, but when things go wrong and the fans whistle you have to have character.

'​Inter are in the Champions League with the decisive goal, but everyone deserves the credit. I'm glad they are really strong this year, I wish them the best. Would I mind if they won the Scudetto? No. But a little frustration, in my opinion I could have stayed in that team.'
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