Nainggolan: 'I would have been useful to Conte'

Nainggolan Cagliari calcia
26 October at 13:30
Radja Nainggolan, currently on loan at Cagliari from Inter Milan, has spoken to the Gazzetta dello Sport about several topics:

'​At Inter, at the beginning, I was booed. Also rightly, because I was always talking about Rome and Roma. But people don't understand one thing: I'm not one who cares about being a friend of the fans. They should support the team, not the player, I always thought that having become a favorite in Cagliari and Roma was the result of my commitment to the team, so after four and a half years in Rome it was clear that I felt an attachment to my old club that I could not feel towards the new one. I didn't feel like kissing the Inter shirt as soon as I arrived. Whoever does it to please the fans has little personality. It would be like meeting a girl and telling her right away: you are the love of my life.

'​So, as soon as I landed in Milan, I said that the regret of leaving Rome was stronger than the joy of being at Inter. I couldn't be in love with a society I had been in for a day. The fans didn't take it well. I knew some of them, I explained to them the meaning of my words and they understood. If I had to play three, four seasons in Inter, I would probably say the same things I said about Rome, but not today.

'​Conte? For what I saw in the month we worked together, I think I could have given him something. He made us understand immediately the way and the spirit with which we had to play.'


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