Napoli, De Laurentiis: ‘real football fans from Turin support Torino, not Juve’

27 June at 14:00

Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has continued his war with Juventus, this time attacking the club’s fans. Speaking to Sport Mediaset, ADL discussed Juventus fans based in the South of Italy, explaining why, in his view, there are so many Juve fans. His final insult to the Juventus fans was to question whether they could be considered trely from Turin if they support Juventus, "The real Turin fans support Torino and not Juve."
"Our long-standing rival is Juventus, who, of course, having another type of turnover and having been born over 100 years ago, has consolidated the ability to have under the same ownership a number of Italian supporters gathering all the dissatisfied of the South. The Fiat workers, for example, were imported from the South, the real Turin ones for the most part support Torino and not Juventus. This movement that was created by the Agnelli family is difficult to eradicate."
"Nobody wants to defeat anyone, the sport is beautiful for this: we must compete in an ethical, professional manner, with great respect for the values ​​of the jersey. I am doing my best. We are the only team in Italy which has been competing in Europe for ten years, which means that we have made great strides."
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