Napoli, De Laurentiis: "Sarri's future? It's now too late..."

20 May at 21:17
Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis spoke to Radio Kiss Kiss at the end of the Napoli-Crotone (2-1) game, here is what he had to say on the matter:

" 91 points against 90 points or maybe even less. We can easily say that we deserved the league title this year, let's hope we win it next year. Some say it is the end of an era for us but that's probably not the case, let's see. I won't be going to California since I will be staying here. Maurizio Sarri's future? You will have to ask him. He never wanted to give me an answer and his agent always said maybe. For me it is now too late since we have to move on with our plan. We have to move on and think about the future. This doesn't mean that Sarri will be leaving since he has a clause in his contract. Let's see what happens...".

Chelsea have been said to be interested in Sarri as his future is now in heavy doubt. Time will tell ....


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