Napoli, Mertens-Callejon: Renewal offers and details

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17 November at 12:20
With their respected contracts expiring in June 2020, Napoli need to act fast in terms of reaching a solution with star players Mertens and Callejon. 

While the renewal seems complicated, Corriere dello Sport  has today unveiled what were the last proposals of De Laurentiis to both players:

"For Mertens and Callejon there are some Chinese sirens, but on the occasion of the trip to Salzburg, we would have advanced the last proposal for the renewal of the contract expiring at the end of the season. 

"Another two years at the same current figures. Another six million (three a year), therefore, both for one and for the other, until 2022, but at the moment there has been no response ".

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