Napoli, President De Laurentiis: "In Naples we live with great envy..."

Aurelio De Laurentiis
11 September at 09:45
Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis vented his frustrations about the Neapolitan fans to Rome based newspaper il Corriere dello Sport via, complaining about the number of fans who attend the home games.
"I don't even understand why Bari in Serie C will proportionally have more subscribers than Napoli in Serie A. All this after having reduced the price of subscriptions in some areas of Sao Paulo by even 40% compared to 9 years ago. If this means being a great supporter of Napoli, allow me to smile.”
De Laurentiis then commented on the fans of the big times in the north of Italy, such as Juventus and Milan.
“Unfortunately, I believe that in the city of Naples we live with great envy for the north and that there are many Juventus, Milan and Inter fans. Should I buy Milan to satisfy them? I'm provoking them because I love Naples more than anything else.”
The Italian film producer took charge of Napoli in 2004 when the side was relegated to Serie C, returning to Serie A two seasons later after back-to-back promotions.

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