Napoli, the revolt was planned; Ancelotti has lost the locker room

06 November at 12:30
The Napoli players had planned their revolt. After the game against Salzburg last evening, they refused to head back to the training ground to commit to their training retreat. In other words, they failed to obey the orders set out by the club.
The coming hours will be crucial to understand the actions that the club will take. As the captain, Insigne has taken responsibility for the actions, declaring to De Laurentiis Jr last night that they will go home. However, behind the decision, there are many reasons.
The players, with yesterday's decision, have shown off to the world that they don't recognize themselves in their coach. For the time being, Ancelotti has lost the locker room. Even though he didn't order the training retreat, it was still, his responsibility to put it into action.
In addition to this, there are still many unresolved matters within the club: three leaders like Insigne, Mertens and Callejon are yet to know their future. The latter two will be able to leave for free next summer, while the captain is unhappy with his current deal.

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