Nedved on Juve's UCL pursuit and reveals which English club he admires

18 February at 18:15
In a lengthy interview with English newspaper The Telegraph, former Juventus and Lazio legend, and current Juve staff member, Pavel Nedved spoke about a number of topics, including the Champions League and his career.

"Winning the Champions League would surely make me extremely happy, I wanted to win as a player but I could not, if I could win while I'm at the club it would be absolutely wonderful, it would be a remarkable result, and then, when it happens, I could rest in peace.

"I always feel the responsibility of not letting anyone down. There is no difference with the past, I have always felt this way. I always thought I was privileged, I did what I love, I've always been treated and paid well. That's why I think I have to give something back, I feel this responsibility. I can say that as a player it was less heavy, because I could concentrate only on my performance, on myself. But even now I do not want to disappoint anyone.

"Manchester United? I have always enjoyed English football and the Premier League, my agent had received some offers. In particular, I have always been a great admirer of Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. He was one of Juve's greatest opponents and at the same time a great source of inspiration. He has done great things, without precedents.

"Ronaldo? With his arrival, the mentality has improved.There has always been a strong and winning mentality, but he brought something extra, influenced the rest of the team and made him more confident. No, it's even more than that, we knew him well as a player, but now we know him as a man and we're impressed by his personality, he's much more than just a player. When I describe Juventus, it is exactly like him: Ronaldo he is a Juventus player, he has the perfect mentality."

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