Nesta: ‘I’m surprised by Totti’s exit, to me he is Roma’

20 June at 13:10
Rivals and friends, Alessandro Nesta and Francesco Totti, Lazio and Rome. Two sides of the same coin. Nesta has given a lengthy interview to Corriere dello Sport in which he commented on his old rival’s departure from Roma. At the age of eight they were already competing: "He was predestined, already you could see who he would become, he looked like a kid from another planet", says the new coach of Frosinone. "We had to meet secretly, or in the national team. In Rome the captain of Lazio can not be linked to that of Roma, it is a matter of history and habits", confessed Nesta in an interview some time ago.
ON THE TOTTI-ROMA DIVORCE - "Did I expect it? I don't know the dynamics that forced Totti to move away from his great love. He must have had his reasons, that is clear, and you have to respect his choice. Of course, I'm surprised and amazed, I didn't think we could get this far."
ON THE LAZIO DIVORCE - "Other times, other events, I didn't want to leave and everyone knows it. I am sorry that the club was not clear at the time that my departure was a sacrifice for the budget and not a choice of myself."
ON ROMA: "I do not judge the work of Roma, because it is not part of my custom to enter into the affairs of others. But I say that I believe in the values of flag men, in the passage of values between generation and generation."
ON MALDINI AND BOBAN - "Paolo is the Rossoneri story. They recovered his human and technical baggage by making him available to the current team. Totti was and will forever be Roma: I am suprised that they broke up. I also imagine his pain, but I wish him well. He deserves it."
ON HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH TOTTI - "There is esteem, but not only that. Friendship, a great friendship. We met as rivals at the age of 8 and as friends we never broke up. Clearly, everyone has made their own path, but always without losing sight. I am bound to Totti by a deep affection. We were rivals, it's true, but always with respect in front of everything. Even when he mocked Lazio after the derby wins? He has always had a more exuberant character than mine. We were different and that's why maybe we became friends. Of course, I always forgave him everything, as soon as we met, maybe in the national team, we joked about what had happened. Rome is also this: derby all year round and it's been a constant. After all it's not like I've not won a few derbies too...".
ROMA AND TOTTI - "Have you addressed with Totti the subject of Roma? No, I've never had a chance to discuss these latest events. But if he chose the path of divorce, he will have had his good reasons. I think that Rome really lose so much because I believe that tradition and history should always be part of a society, but it is clear that I do not go into the merits of the choice of managers. Francesco will suffer but he has the qualities to have other experiences even if not in the team of his heart, at least for now."


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