Official: Chelsea banned from transfer window for 2 sessions

22 February at 12:15
Matters have gone from bad to worse for Chelsea; with FIFA announcing officially todaay that the club are to be fined and banned from making transfers of any capacity for 2 transfer window sessions.

The full statement reads as follows:

"‚ÄčThe FIFA disciplinary committee has sanctioned the English club Chelsea FC and the Football Association (the English Football Federation) for violations related to transfers and registration of young minors (under 18 years) 

Chelsea was found guilty to have violated Article 19 of the international regulations in 29 cases of minor playersand to have committed several other infractions regarding the requirements for the registration of players. The club also violated article 18bis of the international regulations in connection with 2 agreements concluded concerning minors and that allowed to influence several other clubs in the field of transfer market. The disciplinary committee has therefore sanctioned Chelsea with a block on the market and therefore with the prohibition to register new players both national and international for the next two complete and consecutive sessions of transfer market . The disqualification applies to the whole club with the exception of the women's and 5-a-side division and does not prohibit the sale of the players under contract. In addition, the club was fined 600,000 Swiss francsand a period of 90 days was granted to regularize the position of the aforementioned minors. 

It was also found that the Football Association violated the rules relating to minors.  A fine of 510 000 Swiss francs was imposed and a period of six months was granted to deal with the situation regarding the international transfer and registration of underage players. 

The protection of minors is a key element in FIFA's overall regulatory framework for the transfer of players and the effective application of these rules is fundamental, as also confirmed on several occasions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)The decisions issued by the Disciplinary Committee have been notified today and may be challenged before the FIFA Appeals Committee."
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