Official: Juventus backtracking on blocked ticket sales to fans born in Campania

09 August at 15:03
Juventus have backtracked on their decision to block ticket sales to fans born in Campania for their game against Napoli at the end of August, following a flood of backlash and controversy against the decision. The Bianconeri initially decided to block any fans from the Campania region of Italy from purchasing tickets to the game, claiming it was necessary to reduce violence in the stadium. However, a wave of negative reactions quickly followed, with some fans pointing out the ridiculous decision would also block new Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri from being able to attend the game as well as the Prefect of Turin Claudio Palomba. Previously only residents of the Campania region were unable to attend the games, again due to the concern of organised violence inside the stadium, but this latest change took things a step further, and it appears finally the club agree. Here is the official statement from Juventus:

"Juve-Napoli, the free sale starts.

On August 31st the Serie A championship returns to the Allianz Stadium. Once the pre-emption phase is over, the sale of the coupons continues.

Following the instructions of the Gruppo Operativo di Sicurezza (GOS) which met today, the following organisational measures have been defined regarding the sale of tickets for the Match Juventus-Napoli on 31 August 2019.  

The measures listed below concern all sectors with the exception of the guest sector, for which the Osservatorio Nazionale per le Manifestazioni Sportive (ONMS) will issue a specific opinion in the coming weeks. 

From 16:00 today it will be possible to buy tickets for the Juventus-Napoli match of 31 August 2019, at 20:45*:

- at the Lis authorised receptions upon presentation of the identity document for verification of residence.  The coupon will not be purchased by residents of the Campania Region, even in possession of fidelity cards, with the exception of the Juventus Card or Juventus fan card.  The offices of the Campania Region are not authorized to sell this match

- on the website to holders of a Juventus Card or Juventus fan card with the title uploaded to the card itself 

Paper tickets for the South and North grandstands can only be purchased at authorised Listicket sales points.  Holders of a Juventus Card or a Juventus fan card may purchase via the web with the title uploaded on the card. 

No change of name will be allowed for this match.

*date and time may change".
Apollo Heyes


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