Osvaldo: ‘Messi lives in a golden prison, Conte and Pochettino…’

24 September at 23:05
A character always out of the box. Too free of a spirit for today’s football, made up of very strict rules of behaviour that does not forgive those who violate them. But Daniel Osvaldo, former Roma, Inter and Juve striker, has no regrets for retiring at the age only 30 years old to dedicate himself to music.

“The world of football was no longer for me. Cristiano Ronaldo likes to go home and do 150 abs, I like to go home and prepare a barbecue fire,” the Italian-Argentine told Marca.

“Football gave me the chance to help my family, to earn so much that I do not have to work anymore. It allowed me to travel and get to know different people and places. It changed my life, but it took my freedom away. And I cannot give up my freedom.

“If I would like to be like Messi? No, I would like to play like him. But he has a life of hell, he lives in a golden prison. He could never come to a place and quietly drink something. Maybe he does not even care about this. It feels like buying the biggest TV in the world, but never having it in your living room.

“My relationship with coaches? Pochettino understood me, especially at Espanyol. He was like a father to me. Conte? He ways always right. He seemed to see things always before the others. I had tensions with Luis Enrique, but he is a sincere person and was a genius,” Osvaldo concluded.


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