Pallotta blames media for Roma fans’ anger

14 January at 14:00
AS Roma president James Pallotta took aim at the media for ‘misrepresenting’ a speech he made in London. Reports of his speech angered Giallorossi fans to the point they placed critical banners near Trigoria.

Here is his response:

“I am very sorry to see that my words at a conference in London were deliberately misinterpreted. I do not accept any manipulation by the media. When asked a question about stadium security at the ‘Leaders in Sport’ conference, I responded by quoting a meeting I had with the Chief of Police, which I requested and was granted, where I asked them to rethink their decision of introducing dividing barriers in the stands. A year and a half: the discussions with the institutions for the removal of the barriers took a long time. It was a matter that made us understand it was unfair to our supporters: it affected the entire Curva Sud in general, including those did not break any laws or cause problems. In that context, one of the topics discussed concerned the possibility to specifically identify, thanks to technology, those responsible for certain crimes, without having to punish an entire group.”

“In London, I also explained that in the future, it will be important to support technology and punish only those responsible for a crime and protect all the other supporters, the ones who allowed me to fall in love with this clubs, thanks to the passion that makes them unique. That’s why I think it’s absurd to read that I attacked our fans during that conference. I am quite clear and transparent when I speak. The media should act responsibly when they report my statements. My speech in London aimed at improving the services and experience of the supporters who come to support Roma: both now and in the future. Those who do not respect the laws should be punished. That’s all.”


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