Parties 'light years away' in new San Siro negotiations: the situation

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10 November at 18:45
New San Siro, no good news. AC Milan, Inter Milan and the municipality. The parties are distant, as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport today (via The negotiations are also ready to restart but the positions are light years away and this complicates the picture significantly.

The yes of the City Council on the "public interest" has also arrived, but conditioned by a series of stakes that the clubs just cannot tolerate.

Elliott and Suning remain convinced on building a new stadium for 650 million euros, demolishing the San Siro and creating a maxi complex between commercial and entertainment areas for a total cost of 1.2 billion euros.

The administration, on the other hand, sees it differently. The intention is to keep the refurbished San Siro standing up, and above all, it wants the volumes of the buildings in the district not to exceed the measures envisaged by the territorial government plan, which are half of those included in the project. So the whole plan will have to be actually redesigned, which will then be subjected to a new approval.


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