Player Ratings: Lazio - Juventus

08 December at 09:35

Lazio defeats Juventus by three goals to one not only to keep Juventus in 2nd position, but to apply their own pressure to both the reigning champions and new challengers Inter. 

Lazio remain in 3rd place, only 5th points off Inter in 1st, and only 3 points away from Juventus in 2nd. 


Strakosha 7 : On Dybala the gloves are immediately heated, on the goal he can do nothing but avoid the doubling of Ronaldo. Always looks sure of himself. 

Luiz Felipe 7.5 : His performance grows, he is pardoned by Fabbri for a dangerous intervention on Matuidi. A respectable showing.

Acerbi 7 : Keeping an eye on the movements of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo is not really an everyday thing. On Ronaldo's goal, he loses himself in the bianconeri's execution speed and gets out badly. But it is the only smear in an important, careful game. 

Radu 7: Dybala is a really complicated customer, he is inspired right from the start and it shows: on the goal he loses his position together with all the others. Many often come from his side, but he has experience, he juggles with great tranquility, he goes forward. A monument. 

Lazzari 7: Between him and Alex Sandro is a duel of those who smoke the asphalt: His understanding with his companions is growing so much, and the whole team plays much better when he is there.  

Milinkovic- Savic 7.5: Puts down a ball that is worth the ticket price alone, is on the ball, proposes, receives, sorts, often with incredible grace. He never lost possession in this match. His plays are drones that wave the field, really enjoyable whenever he wants. 
(45 'st Caicedo 6.5 : Enter and close the game. Better than that). 

Leiva 7 : These are the games in which having Leiva puts a lot of serenity.  Always in the right place, at the right time, is the personification of balance.  

Luis Alberto 8:  A little nervous at first, he begins to quarrel with the referee Fabbri who warns him immediately. Then simply does not miss a thing: this player is to be seen in the replay on the darkest nights. Puts a ball to Luiz Felipe simply delicious,. Not to mention the launch on Milinkovic.
(29 'st Parolo sv .)

Lulic 7 : Totally the opposite with respect to Cuadrado: tignoso, woody but also capable of heart and strength. It is proposed with continuity, makes a decisive and vibrant game. With Fabbri he has a lot to talk about, he often doesn't agree with his decisions. You never save, but how many lungs do you have?

Correa 7: Start a little shy, slowly it turns on, it makes a crazy number at half an hour of the first half on the edge of the area that makes many Lazio fans cry out to the penalty spot. It is proposed, a couple of times with a great decision that makes the defense of Juventus tremble. Only a couple of times, and it's a shame really. The third is the decisive one, which could close the game if it were not for Immobile.  

Immobile 5 : Start immediately with the right tension, with the right movements, on the wire, he has the ball good for a draw a few steps from Szczesny, it gives the impression of being able to be dangerous without success. Then comes the decisive moment and misses the penalty that could close the meeting.
(40 'st Cataldi sv )


Szczesny 6.5: The foul with which Correa extends is clear, despite having tried to avoid contact. But he redeems himself on Immobile, saving both the penalty and the follow up. 

Cuadrado 4.5: Now that Maurizio Sarri has all the fullbacks available, the Colombian remains the first choice on the right wing, but it is on his side that Lazio becomes dangerous. Expelled, he leaves Juve in ten and fights with everyone.

Bonucci 5: He anticipates Acerbi, instead it jumps to empty during the Lazio draw. From then on, very few guesses.

De Ligt 5.5 : on the 5 'it closes on Immobile launched on the net, Szczensy tries to reward him with a good five. But he is late when Milinkovic Savic cuts him behind for 2-1.

Alex Sandro 6: He remains on his own, Lazzari forces him on the defensive, then grows in the second half. He is the last to give up, when alone he tries to chase the three Lazio players on the counterattack when Caicedo sets 3-1.

Bentancur 7 : How good he is and how strong he is. Yet no one yet can know how much it will grow again. From midfielder it is better, from the middle it knows how to make the difference.
(40 'pt Emre Can 4.5 : it is an elimination race, Sarri can't do anything but throw him into the fray. He starts off badly, he risks also a foul from penalty, then he stops to look at Luis Alberto when the Spaniard beats the 2-1 assist).

Pjanic 5 : Looked nervous and in trouble all the time. 

Matuidi 6 : He always puts his foot in it, even when the opponent seems to have escaped, the real Matuidi flashes. Without Bentancur he is the only one to run in the middle.

Bernardeschi 5.5: Dirty work, it's his specialty. (26 'st Danilo 5.5 : a piece in which he shows all his current limits)

Dybala 6: Strong showing but then falls, but it is in form and of him Juve does not seem to be able to do without. He wastes a penalty in motion when Strakosha gives him the pallone, a heavy error (35 'st Higuain sv )

Ronaldo 6: He starts dancing on the ball under the whistles of the Olimpico, he opens and closes the triangulation with Bentancur that leads to 0-1, finding again a goal on action 49 days after the last time. But then he disappears while Juve gives way to a crash. 

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