Porto Coach: I'm responsible for 5-0 Liverpool hammering

sergio coinceicao nelle vesti di tecnico dello sporting braga
15 February at 16:50
Sergio Conceicao has taken the blame for Porto’s embarrassing defeat at the hands of Liverpool last night.

Despite being unbeaten in the Primeira Liga - which they lead by only two points - the Dragons were beaten up by their visitors last night, losing 5-0.

Conceicao, a former player at Inter and Lazio, said that he felt “responsible”.
"It was a less good day for some players and also for the coach of course. I am the first responsible."

"The fans know, I think everyone knows, that this team was made within a difficult situation and it was in this difficulty that a strong and competitive team was born,” he still contextualised.

"I am absolutely certain that in Liverpool we will give a different answer.

"I swear I have not seen the statistics yet, but I believe that in six, seven shots we'd have scored five goals and scored in key moments.

He added: "The goal is the championship, but that does not mean that we did not want to win, nor is it an excuse for this result, we have focused on the championship, but we wanted to go as far as possible in this event."


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