Postponement of Samp-Fiorentina and AC Milan-Genoa is just common sense

Postponement of Samp-Fiorentina and AC Milan-Genoa is just common sense

The postponement of Sampdoria-Fiorentina and AC Milan-Genoa have made people talk in Italy and abroad. Fans are impatiently waiting for the beginning of the 2018/19 Serie A campaign, but both Genoa clubs won’t be eligible to play and the decision taken today by the Lega Serie A is more than understandable.

The collapse of the Genoa bridge is something that has really hit the people and the city of Genoa. The Ponte Morandi was built in the ‘60s to ease the traffic congestion in the city and, until Tuesday, it was the main way to drive through the city and reach the rest of Liguria as well as the rest of the country.

“Everybody is a survivor”, claims people in Genoa these days. Yes, because everybody who had a car had been driving through the Ponte Morandi since 1967, when the bridge was inaugurated. Right now the traffic is totally collapsed in Genoa and there are no easy alternatives to do everyday things such as go to work or buy food.

Genoa is not a simple city and the collapse of the Ponte Morandi has dramatically changed its already complicated mobility. On top of that, there are still 664 people who can’t even enter their homes because the buildings are too close to the bridge which is still not completely safe. Other parts of the bridge can still collapse and cause more damage than the 38 deaths and 16 wounded caused on Tuesday.

Just like when a city is hit by an earthquake, local authorities have installed a ‘Red Zone’ where people can’t get in because it would be too dangerous for them. People that need to take their stuff from their homes have been queuing outside the red zone for days waiting to be allowed to enter their houses. Not everybody, however, will be as lucky. Tuesday may have been the last time they entered their homes as being so close to the bridge, the buildings could be demolished.

Local authorities, firemen, and police in Genoa are totally focused on rescues operations and are dealing with the people who have lost their homes. Their priority can’t be a football game, not this weekend. Imagine how the city could handle the arrival of thousands of other fans from a different city or how local authorities could get everything organized in time for the kick-off of the game when there are still between 10 and 20 people missing under the ruins.

Simply, it wouldn’t be possible and, in fact, only the games of Genoa clubs have been postponed.

In addition to that, you got to consider the human part of this tragic situation. Players, team and staff members knew some of the 39 victims of the collapsed bridge. Many of them were Sampdoria and Genoa fans. Their friends and families will give them the farewell on Saturday when state funerals will take place. How can they celebrate and cheer for their team less than 24 hours later?

Many people have been arguing that the postponement of Samp-Fiorentina and AC Milan-Genoa is a disadvantage for these clubs. It could be, but sometimes there are things that go beyond football.

The postponement of games is not a hypocrite decision but is based on common sense. Simply, the city and the people of Genoa are yet not ready to face two football games after everything they’ve gone through in these tragic days.