PSG-Man United: Var ref Irrati's comments on Champions League var from last year

06 March at 23:45
Massimiliano Irrati, the Italian referee who took control of the VAR role for tonight's Champions League tie between Manchester United and PSG, is widely considered to be one of the world's leading authorities for VAR. Irrati spoke on the addition of VAR to the Champions League last year, in which he said:

"‚ÄčThe World Cup was a turning point, we could not fail but it could have also canceled the inclusion in the Champions League. However, given that it has received compliments around the world and because of the pace in the Champions League, it could arrive soon. I think we will see it in the European Cups at the most within a year."

Speaking further on VAR, Irrati said: "‚ÄčSerenity is a characteristic that I have in my character and I think it is very useful both in the field and in the VAR. A clear relationship with the players allows to arbitrate well. I also brought it with me to Moscow's goal room and it's a key feature when you're standing in front of a monitor. It all depends on your decision and panic is certainly not recommended. Calm and serenity are characteristics of many referees and are fundamental."

Irrati is considered to be, as aforementioned, a leading VAR referee but his decision tonight, with referee Damir Skomina, led to a harsh penalty given in the dying moments for Manchester United; despite the conditions of 'clear and obvious error' being quite clearly ignored.

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