Referee: Milan Coach doesn't understand VAR

23 October at 11:50
Referee chief Marcello Nicchi has taken a dig at Vincenzo Montella, claiming that the Milan Coach “didn’t understand” Video Assisted Refereeing, or VAR.
Nicchi also made some rather pertinent remarks about the frequent complaints about the technology, hinting that these were early days “like when Ferrari spend money but then lose a Grand Prix over a 30 spark plug.”
“He still hasn’t understood that VAR sees everything, and there are those who still protest on the pitch,” he said to Radio Rai after the Rossoneri drew with Genoa at home in disappointing circumstances.
Montella had taken a swipe at VAR after star signing Leonardo Bonucci was sent off in the first half.
“I won’t reply to Montella in a wider sense, but I’ll just say that he must adapt to this new age of football,” Nicchi continued.
“Everyone’s playing for their careers, not just him. I think a bit of nervousness is normal, but Montella knows that if Milan had turned things around, he wouldn’t be moaning at a Press conference.
“Referees have changed. They used to have great character, but now there’s more uniformity.
“Everything can’t be perfect at the beginning, but now with VAR, out of 10 interventions, it might miss one.
“We’re looking to speed it up, but everything’s working. We can improve it, but it’s okay [for now].
“The hope is that there’s less and less need for VAR because it means there’s been carelessness.


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