Revealed: When Barcelona plan to trigger Griezmann's Atletico release clause

09 July at 15:15

Barcelona are studying the best way possible to deal with the payment of the release clause of Antoine Griezmann's contract at Atletico Madrid. The figure in the agreement is 120 million euros since July 1st and the Blaugrana could execute the operation between Thursday and Friday of this week, as reported by Sport.

It is a complex operation of high economic cost and this is why Barcelona are measuring every step well. On the other hand, there are two important details to take into account: Ernesto Valverde has summoned his players for July 14 for the start of the pre-season training camp.

Meanwhile, Griezmann's vacation ends on July 12 and Atletico Madrid have expressed their dissatisfaction with how the Frenchman is dealing with the situation.

Barcelona do not want a situation that can worsen the relations between both clubs and, especially, for the player if he is forced to return to playing for the Madrid-based club, even for a few days.

Thus, as things stand, those responsible at Barcelona are working in the direction for the club to pay the 120 million euros release clause between Thursday and Friday.


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