Roma: Di Francesco the least guilty, Monchi a disaster

08 March at 18:55
Di Francesco was sacked, the least guilty. Ranieri arrived, a sensible choice and without alternatives, one to try and keep the Champions League spot. To complete the situation, Monchi also left the club. 
"One of the best minds of football," said President James Pallotta in April 2017, celebrating after bringing in a man who did brilliantly at Sevilla. In Rome, however, it was next to disaster. An important step to get rid of him, therefore, although the delusional situation around the club continues.  
Ranieri isn't the right choice? One who has coached Juve, Inter, Monaco, Chelsea and Valencia is not good for a club that has won nothing in eight years? Please. 
Di Francesco paid for Monchi's operations, the sporting director who was supposed to rebuild the club. EDF cannot be blamed for the situation, it was the Rome of Monchi and Pallotta, not EDF. He tried to react, but it was too late. And so he goes away. He deserves luck, and so much more.  
By Paolo Franci, translated by the English staff. 


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