Ronaldo: 'Juve the best in Italy, I am the strongest in Serie A'

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27 December at 09:20

Cristiano Ronaldo. From Juve to the future, passing through present objectives and personal curiosities. The Portuguese spoke in a long interview with Dazn's microphones:

ON THE CR7 BRAND - "My world is football, but the world outside football is also important to me. I became a businessman, it is normal when something different starts to come up, outside the world of football, they see you in a different way. It is certainly a positive thing, but I don't care much. The most important thing for me is still football. "

ABOUT RONALDO, THE PERSON - "For me there is only one Cristiano, I make no difference. I am a football player, I like when people look at me and say 'This is Christiano'. I like how I am".


ON THE STRONGEST DEFENDER IN ITALY - "Bonucci, Chiellini and De Ligt, those with whom I train".

ABOUT ITALY - "Not only food, I like Italian culture".

ON THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - "It's completely different, even in the head. The Champions is the best competition in the world, apart from the World and European Championships. I love it. I like both of them, but the Champions is special".

ABOUT JUVE - "I like everything about Juve, they have a good culture, it is the best club in Italy. It has an extraordinary history, I am happy to be here, I want to win many trophies with Juve".

ON ARRIVAL AT THE JUVE - "I remember the presentation at the stadium, it was beautiful. I was with my family, it was beautiful and special". 

ON FOOTBALL  -"At 18 you only think about having fun, you have no responsibility. Now no, now you have to do great performances and win trophies. I continue to feel good, happy, motivated. I am happy, motivated, I want to play for many more years." 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A COACH - "I don't think, at this moment I say no, I don't see myself as a coach. But never say never".

ABOUT EUROPE 2016 - "It was the most important trophy of my career. I laughed, I cried, I laughed, I cried, I was a coach, I got drunk after the game. I drank a glass of champagne and I was a little tipsy. That day was special". 

ON THE GOAL IN TURIN - "The best goal I have ever scored. The Stadium standing ovation? Special. It was the quarterfinals, there was Buffon, in a beautiful stadium, a great team. A very special night. When I spoke to Buffon, I thought to find a good person in front of me, nice and cheerful. After the goal he simply congratulated him, he was nice. I remember him well, he is always ready to help others, a nice person. "

ON THE SCUDETTO WIN - "My mom was at the stadium with me, a special moment. When we won the scudetto, I became the first footballer in history to win in three different leagues. A trophy is still a trophy. It doesn't matter that be it the Champions League, Serie A or Nations League. I love to win trophies. " 

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