Ronaldo's lawyers hunting hackers and witnesses to prove falsity of rape accusations

13 October at 15:30
The legal battle between Cristiano Ronaldo and 34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who sued the Portuguese player for alleged sexual violence in Las Vegas in 2009, is heating up day by day.

The lawyers of the former model sent documents to the Public Prosecutions of 18 countries to find evidence against Ronaldo. Meanwhile, Ronaldo's defence started hunting the hackers and witnesses to prove the falsity of the allegations against the player without arriving at another economic agreement.

Ronaldo is formally not investigated but is available to the Las Vegas Police to provide his version of events, tell what happened in the hotel nine years ago so as to contribute the maximum transparency for the preparation of the dossier on the case.

Is he likely to go to trial? No, because of his lawyers. After examining the dossier, the decision will be taken by the judge of the Court of Clark, where the complaint was presented by Kathryn Mayorga, who aims to invalidate the extra-judicial agreement signed in 2010, according to which she agreed to drop any accusations against Ronaldo.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the woman has sent the documents related to the case to the Public Prosecutor's offices of 18 countries. The goal is to collect as much information and material as possible about the life of Ronaldo.

However, the player's defence has issued an immediate response. Ronaldo's lawyers have ordered a computer science report to prove the tampering of documents by hackers of 'Football Leaks'. In short, what emerged in recent weeks in newspapers would be the result of a plot by unknown third parties to throw mud on the Juventus attacker and his past.

Simultaneously, the legal team has begun a hunt for witnesses who would be involved in the story. The intention is to be able to listen to all the people who were with the player that summer night in 2008 in Las Vegas with the goal to eliminate all the obscure points of the case.



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