Rossi: "Federation, clubs and players must all do their part to stop racism"

10 November at 12:20
Ex Milan, Juve and Italian national striker, Paolo Rossi, sat down with Gazzetta dello Sport (via CalcioMercato.Com) for an interview. He spoke about the state of two teams currently, Serie A and the issue with racism in Italian football and his visions on how to begin to solve them.

​Rossi is whether or not Zlatan Ibrahimović will join in January, and don’t think he’d solve any of Milan’s issues - despite thinking that the Swede is an “extraordinary player”: "I don't know if he is likely to come back. He is a player who has had an extraordinary career, but he cannot solve Milan's problems. They can put a patch on one side, but the water still comes out of many others. It is an investment "not useful for the future but only for the next six months”. So, what's the use? Yes, it can give something, but Milan has a lot of problems. I'm not a Milan manager but I think rebuilding the teams is difficult. Giampaolo was a courageous choice but then you must give him time to express his ideas. Now they must lead the team towards a quiet ranking and lay the foundations for the future”.

Rossi says that the problem with racism in Italian football must be dealt with by not only the Italian football federation, but the clubs and their players must also do their parts to solve the problem: "Is there racism in Italian stadiums? Yes, and it is a shame. It means that we do not have a sporting culture and so we must teach these values ​​to children. The Federation must do its part and the clubs, and their players must do theirs. I wish the whole stadium would get up and applaud the player who got insulted by the few. I would like all the players to do the same. Think of what image we would give to those few racist morons for whom skin color still makes the difference”.

Conte has received some critique after criticizing Inter for lacking ambition, but Rossi sees that as a positive sign from Conte: “Conte does his job. Everyone would like important players, if I train Inter, I would do the same. He understands that compared to Juve there is a gap to be filled. If you want to win you have to do more”.

Rossi reveals that he has great expectations on what Maurizio Sarri can do with Juventus: “Sarri's game is not yet fully visible and, in the meantime, he wins because he has great champions. And in today's football, only those with great champions win. When sarrismo comes, it will be even better".
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