Sabatini calls Sarri: 'Smoking affects your future, but..'

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21 September at 16:35
Bologna technical director Walter Sabatini has given some advise to Maurizio Sarri about his habit of smoking due to which he was affected by a bout of pneumonia recently.

In an interview that Sabatini gave to Il Foglio, he talked about smoking and his old habits of it.

He said: ​"I am a party animal, I get along well with my people, always ready to fuck because football has a fun side. when you lose, when you lose there is nothing funny. But football is not drama. My visits have changed, my restaurants have changed, my whole life has changed. idea of ​​cigarettes, then I dissolve the session, get up and leave."

On Sarri's habits, he said: ​" I don't understand how a ds cannot smoke. Can there be a sports director who does not smoke? Or a coach? A few days ago I called Sarri. I told him: "I don't tell you to stop smoking, I can't really tell you, but it slows down," I told him:"don't affect your whole future life."

"He replied: "I don't know, I also stopped having coffee because I can't smoke my cigarette."

Talking more about his own habits, Sabatini said: ​"I smoked more cigarettes than Nainggolan or all the others. I spent the night on the phone with the Cagliari sports director, with Cellino on the other side breaking the deal, but I felt he wanted to do it. It ended at five in the morning, it was hard and smoky . The most painful cigarette was the one during Lazio-Roma derby of the Coppa Italia at the Olimpico. I thought I'd die, if I didn't have cigarettes I'd really be dead. "


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