Sampdoria coach Eusebio Di Francesco: 'Samp not a step back, I think Quagliarella can repeat what he did'

08 July at 19:15
The new Sampdoria coach Eusebio Di Francesco spoke to the press at Casa Samp in Bogliasco in his first official press conference since he joined the club.
With what key did President Ferrero convince you?
"A few years ago we already met and met with director Osti and Romei. We had a wonderful chat but then nothing was done. The president was convincing from all points of view. He convinced me of everything, but above all on want to improve ".
European ambition?
"The goals are set by the company. Obviously, at the beginning of the summer, there is no talk of doing something less but something more. What I ask is humility in the work, the company has done well before me and I want to continue this path. Now before of us, there are teams with very strong roses, we are completing the team. It is too early to say where we can go ".
Isn't it a step back after Roma?
"Here I see that something important can be built. It is not a step backwards; I am proud to be a coach. I like Sampdoria, I chose it because I wanted to get involved and this is the right place".
"He is the only Sampdoria player I heard on the phone. I think beyond what he did I think he can repeat but it is a team concept. Fabio, I am convinced that he will be available to me and the team."
What should we expect from this market?
"I think this team has an important base. The market has started now but the company wants to please me."
What did Giampaolo tell you about the city and the fans?

"I don't like to ask for so much but to judge for what I see. I have lived in Rome in these years, a particular environment. I am of an idea: I am a coach and all societies have goals. I have not yet heard Marco, I will do it in the next few days ".
Do you feel a little less guilty than what happened with Roma with the De Rossi and Totti cases?
"I do not want to enter into this kind of reasoning. Today I am at Sampdoria and I am only interested in talking about Sampdoria. I can only say that the club has said that Roma under Pallotta has obtained eight important results, three are mine. Totti and De Rossi are friends, I am not a company ".
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