Sarri to Napoli players: ‘you are extraordinary; you can conquer’

Sarri to Napoli players: ‘you are extraordinary; you can conquer’
2018-07-09 - 12:00
Maurizio Sarri left Napoli to join Chelsea as head coach over the summer and, in an interview given to Il Mattino, Sarri reveals more about his time at Napoli, when it had come to an end and what he’d say to his old players.
It would have been the crowning of an extraordinary story, of a dream of mine, of the team and of the whole city. Of course I happen to relive moments here, in every moment. words, but those who have done sport know that we have lost the Scudetto in the hotel.
I hope for the city, for the fans, Napoli is an extraordinary city, it deserves to win the Scudetto, I am a Napoli fan, I am happy that Carlo is now the coach because he has not only won everywhere, but It is always done well by everyone, it means that human and professional qualities are extraordinary.”
When asked if he got the chance to say a final goodbye to the players at Napoli, Sarri replied: “No, it all happened quickly, but I want to do it right now, and I say:" You are extraordinary guys, keep it up because you can do it to conquer that dream that we have touched.””
“it may be the goal to finish my career at Napoli.”
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