Scaroni: 'New Milan stadium will cost 1.2 billion; vital to competing in Europe'

11 July at 18:30
AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni has spoken to Sky Sport about the new stadium that the Rossoneri wish to build in the city alongside their rivals Inter Milan, to eventually replace San Siro.

Speaking on the matter, Scaroni said:

"It will be the best stadium in the world. We have presented the documentation in common and therefore we can say that the process has started. Milan deserves to have an entertainment centre, a place where events take place all year round: musical and sporting, where there will be restaurants, meeting places and shopping places, we propose to revisit the San Siro area, with the project of the new stadium, to make it an entertainment centre as the big cities of the world have. The cost estimate is preliminary because we do not yet have architectural projects, we believe it can be around 1.2 billion. It is of public interest, and therefore also of the Municipality: we expect a first answer, from which a process will start, so by the end of next year we should have all the authorizations. If so, we would have the new stadium by 2023. All our competitors have new stadiums and if we want to compete in Europe at the level where Inter and Milan must be, we must have a new stadium."


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