Someone will leave Man Utd - Jose, Pogba or maybe both

25 September at 23:30
The internal disagreements that linger about at Manchester United right now are huge. The uncertainty at the club isn’t just at the board level or at the managerial level, it is spilling over to the pitch as well now. As Jose Mourinho looks to make someone else apart from Paul Pogba the captain, it seems as though Pogba will not be too bothered by the decision.

The ‘attack, attack, attack’ statement that the Frenchman made was another addition to the subtle digs that he has aimed at the club and at Jose Mourinho for not doing what the player likes. The United boss hardly retaliated with anything before this decision but if there is anything that the decision to scrap Pogba’s captaincy will lead to, then its even more criticism of Mourinho in the media.

It is a well-known fact that Mourinho is the most hated man amongst the mediamen in England. Everything he does evokes a reaction from the media, who either poke fun at him or bash his decision. Although Pogba too was in the media’s infamous lap of tortures, his continues subtle digs at Mourinho have swung the situation in his favour- probably for the first time.

If it isn’t already, Jose’s decision to take the captain’s armband away from Pogba will be discussed by every media outlet in the world. And for the reputation of being the ‘enemy of football’ that Jose has, every blame will go to him. Since Pogba has already been flaring rumours about him wanting to depart Old Trafford, he would not be too disappointed with Mourinho’s decision. After all, it brings him slightly closer to the exit door.

Being United’s best and the most expensive player, Pogba certainly deserves the treatment but he hasn’t helped himself. Perhaps, he hardly wants to help himself. There’s no smoke without fire and the way he’s been talking shows that he doesn’t really like it at United anymore. With the captaincy gone, his status as a United player will be gone soon. Considering he’s got the most powerful football agent in Mino Raiola with him. And these days, players don’t find it hard to force moves away from clubs.

Jose, on the other hand, would be disappointed to have lost a top player. But no player is bigger than the club. The decision to have let Pogba go would enrage many. Including the United board, who have been on Jose’s back to force him to do things their way. A part of ‘their way’ has been to make Pogba the focal point at United, after having shelled out a record fee for the Frenchman in 2016. Once Pogba leaves, Jose will be right on the guillotine, especially after discrepancies with the board this past summer.

But if Pogba’s issue is just with Jose, as he hinted on with the recent interview, the board could well show little remorse in letting the former Chelsea boss go to accommodate a player United spent record money on. If the record signing’s happiness comes at the cost of sacking a manager the board have been on bad terms with, it will happen.

Sacking Jose for Pogba’s accommodation would seem like a decision which goes against the traditional morals of football, which suggests that no player is bigger than the club. But whatever happens at United, someone will go. If Pogba goes, Jose will be sent packing back to Setubal too. If Jose goes, Pogba might as well end up staying. 
Kaustubh Pandey (@Kaus_Pandey17)


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