Spalletti confirms Inter star out of Tottenham clash

14 September at 16:00
Inter Milan manager Luciano Spalletti has confirmed Lautaro Martínez will miss the Champions League clash against Tottenham Hotspur next week.

"It is healing, but we must evaluate it from time to time. There is still no possibility of being able to say if he will be available for Tottenham, but personally I see it hard because then a little 'training must develop at the right speed and are injuries that may have repercussions,” Spalletti said during the pre-match press conference, as quoted by

“On the position I say that they can not play together all 22, we must say so as not to make confusion as was done on the occasion of the Champions League when it was said rejected Gagliardini. I make the formations by choosing, not mouthing. Gagliardini remains out based on some choices made. Gagliardini remains a great player and I was sorry to leave him out ".
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