Spalletti: 'I predicted Ranocchia's goal. Icardi? I will speak about those who play'

21 February at 23:45
Inter coach Luciano Spalletti spoke to Sky Sports after his team's 4-0 victory and qualification against Rapid Vienna.

"Ranocchia? With him, you can have confidence without going beyond the respect of the roles. I predicted that he would score today but not with a goal from the outside of the area," he said.

"It is correct to say that Inter is improving and making fewer mistakes than those made before. It is not correct to allude to something that has happened these days. The most important thing is that the team works and they are making fewer mistakes but without alluding to certain situations.

"Icardi? Now we talk about those who are playing. We give strength and confidence to those who play, run and kick without losing sight of the flow of things. Did he come to celebrate? I do not know, I came for the interviews.

"Who I do not want to meet in the next round? There are 4-5 stronger teams and if we meet a less strong team on paper, it is better but we have to pass from there, some of them are crosswise on the journey we want to take," Spalletti concluded.


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